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We are working to make the world a better place

From eco-friendly products to bioremediation and bioaugmentation

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We specialise in Hazardous Waste Management, AD,
Biogas, Biomass, Oil, Gas, Energy & Utility sectors

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Welcome to Skyhawk Global

We provide specialist International Business Development, Marketing & Consultancy services with the prime focus being in the provision of engineered products, equipment, systems required in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Utility & Hydrocarbon Transportation sectors.  Our areas of specialism include bioremediation and bioaugmentation.

Skyhawk Global’s headquarters are located in South Wales in the UK and we work with companies around the world.

Operating Divisions

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Bioremediation, Oil Spills & Bioaugmentation

We provide specialist clean-up microbe products & consultancy for industrial contamination issues. Our products include HydroEater and SorbEater.

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Nu Eco & Biochem – Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Our 100% natural products are biodegradable and use plant-based ingredients with specialist microbes for effective cleaning.

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Trading & Consultancy for Innovative Companies

We provide strategic business development for both start up and SME companies to expand internationally.  We work with companies across the world.

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Our Brands & Partners

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