We undo environmental damage by humans.

We undo human impact and help restore the environment by supplying world class technologies that lessen the impact of humans to governments, households and industry.

Disruptive Bioremediation Products

Introducing our range of cutting-edge bioremediation products, offering disruptive solutions for environmental restoration. Harness the power of innovative technologies to address decontamination challenges effectively. Browse now and join us in shaping a more sustainable future.

"HydroEater is more than a product; it's a revolution in remediation." - Dave, Turnkey Regeneration

Why Choose Us

We’re on a mission to to disrupt conventional decontamination technologies.

World-Class Technologies

We are at the forefront of offering cutting-edge bioremediation technologies that effectively address environmental concerns, especially when it comes to decontaminating soil and water.

Environmentally Responsible

Our mission revolves around reducing the human impact on the environment. We provide solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally sound and sustainable.

Innovative Vision

We aim to disrupt conventional decontamination processes. By choosing us, you’re aligning with a forward-thinking company that’s shaping the future of bioremediation.

Experienced and Committed

Our commitment to safety, performance, and timely project execution ensures that our clients receive the best service and results.


We are trusted by governments, households, and industry for bioremeditation technologies to minimise waste.


"HydroEater™ Stands as a benchmark in bioremediation"

“Skyhawk’s Hydroeater EVP stands as a benchmark in bioremediation. Its performance in award-winning projects like Meridian Water and Ailsa Wharf vouches for its unparalleled efficacy. It’s more than a product; it’s a revolution in remediation.”

– Dave, Turnkey Regeneration.

Why wait? Use HydroEater™

Redefine the standards of bioremediation and steer towards a cleaner future. With HydroEater™ in your arsenal, every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity for sustainable restoration.