What is CAPSA 1800?

Are you tired of inefficiencies in your H2S scavenging process, wasting valuable resources, and dealing with solids formation issues? CAPSA 1800 is here to transform your operations. It’s not just an H2S scavenger; it’s a game-changer.

Key Attributes of CAPSA 1800

CAPSA 1800 is an innovative H2S scavenger powered by our proprietary NRGMax technology, taking MEA Triazine to a whole new level of efficiency. Here’s why CAPSA 1800 stands out:
    1. Unprecedented Efficacy: Traditional MEA Triazine solutions often fall short, with only 65-75% utilization before breakthrough. CAPSA 1800, with NRGMax, reaches an astounding 95-100% utilization. Your resources are no longer wasted!
    2. Extended Residence Time: Current field trials reveal a remarkable 33% increase in residence time. For example, if you typically have 26 jobs per year with a 14-day residence time, CAPSA 1800 can turn that into 19 jobs with a 19-day residence time. Efficiency like never before.
    3. Solids Formation Solution: Say goodbye to intractable solids formation and fouling issues. CAPSA 1800, containing NRGMax, ensures your operation runs smoothly and without complications.
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CAPSA 1800 Applications

Applications Across Industries

CAPSA 1800 is designed to meet the needs of various industries and applications:

  • Bubble Towers: Enhance the efficiency of your bubble tower applications.
  • FeS Prevention: Combat iron sulfide formation effectively.
  • Direct Injection: Achieve precise and reliable H2S removal.
  • Gas Plants: Optimize gas processing with CAPSA 1800.
  • Static Mixers: Improve mixing efficiency and scavenging performance.
  • Produced Water: Maintain water quality and minimize H2S presence.
  • Chemically Identical to MEA Triazine: CAPSA 1800 is a drop-in replacement for standard MEA Triazine with superior performance.