"HydroEater is more than a product; it's a revolution in remediation." - Dave, Turnkey Regeneration

Are you searching for an advanced solution to enhance oil recovery, control swelling in formation clays, and stabilize hydrogen peroxide treatments? Look no further. HydroEater SW 100 is your answer, and it’s not just another sodium silicate blend; it’s a game-changer in the world of EOR.

The HydroEater™ SW100 Advantage?

HydroEater SW 100 is an inorganic blend of sodium silicate and meta-silicate chemistries, meticulously designed for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Here’s why it stands out:

Unique Silicate Ratios: Our proprietary formulation process creates distinctive types and ratios of functional silicates. With an industry-leading silicon to sodium ratio of 4:1, HydroEater SW 100 is unmatched in performance.

Versatile Applications: HydroEater SW 100 finds applications across a range of industries:

  • EOR “Wetting” Agent: Enhance oil recovery with an effective wetting agent.
  • Swelling Control: Keep formation clays in check with superior swelling control.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer: Stabilize hydrogen peroxide treatments for delayed heat applications.
  • Drill Cuttings Treatment: Streamline drill cuttings treatment and clean-up.
  • Non-Toxic Precipitating Agent: Safely precipitate heavy metals from wastewater.
  • Wastewater Flocculent: Serve as a general-purpose wastewater flocculent.

Note: As each application is unique, please contact your Skyhawk Account Director for dosage recommendations and additional optimizations.


"HydroEater™ Stands as a benchmark in bioremediation"

“Skyhawk’s Hydroeater EVP stands as a benchmark in bioremediation. Its performance in award-winning projects like Meridian Water and Ailsa Wharf vouches for its unparalleled efficacy. It’s more than a product; it’s a revolution in remediation.”

– Dave, Turnkey Regeneration.

Key Attributes of HydroEater™ SW 100

  • Peak Bioremediation Performance: Delivers unmatched results up to 70,000 ppm, with potential for higher upon assessment.
  • Swift Restoration: Drastically shorten project timelines with faster site restoration.
  • Versatile for All Weathers: Effective across varied temperature spectrums.
  • Economically Wise: Save money with fewer product applications.
  • Eco-Conscious: A commitment to a greener Earth with every application.
  • Stamp of Excellence: Proud achievements include  successful projects like Meridian One and Washwood Heath, Birmingham.
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How HydroEater™ SW100 Works

HydroEater SW 100 works by:

  • Converting carboxylic acids and phenolic acids into powerful surfactants, lowering interfacial tension to benefit oil recovery.
  • Removing hardness ions from reservoir brines, reducing surfactant adsorption on rock surfaces and preventing scale formation.
  • Buffering the system to maintain optimal pH, improving oil flow, minimizing formation damage, and reducing scale formation.

What Makes HydroEater™ SW100 unique?

Unlike commercial sodium silicate solutions, HydroEater SW 100 boasts several unique advantages:

  • Proprietary Manufacturing Process: Our process ensures higher, more stable SiO2:Na2O ratios.
  • Purer Silicon Source: HydroEater SW 100 is made from a purer silicon source.
  • No Solid Form Conversion: It’s never converted into a solid form and re-dissolved, allowing for higher silicon ratios.
  • Supports Larger Silicate Molecules: The process supports larger, more reactive silicate molecules.
  • Safer to Handle: Reduces the harsh alkaline conditions of sodium hydroxide, making it safer to handle.

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Join the ranks of satisfied users who have experienced the HydroEater SW 100 advantage. Whether you’re in EOR or any other application, HydroEater SW 100 is here to optimize your operations.