PfinSolv™: Advancing Paraffin Management

Elevating Efficiency and Productivity in Oilfield Applications

What Is PfinSolv?™?

PfinSolv is a groundbreaking solution designed to address paraffin-related challenges in oilfield applications. This environmentally friendly and non-hazardous product is engineered to break down paraffin deposits and prevent their formation. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool in various critical applications within the oil and gas industry.

Key Attributes of PfinSolv™?

PfinSolv stands out with a set of key attributes that make it a preferred choice for paraffin management:

    • Non-Hazardous: PfinSolv is completely safe to handle and environmentally friendly.

    • Efficiency: It works at low dosages, typically ranging from 250-500 ppm, making it highly cost-effective.

    • Enhanced Production: PfinSolv increases daily oil yields, maximizing productivity.

    • Conversion: It effectively converts paraffin deposits into saleable products, reducing waste.

    • Safety: PfinSolv is non-carcinogenic, non-fuming, and non-toxic, ensuring the well-being of both workers and the environment.

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Applications for HydroEater™

  • Brownfield & Legacy Contaminated Lands Treatment
  • Bio Slurping & Dewatering
  • Transformer Station Spill Clean-up
  • Industrial Plant Utilization
  • Drilling Mud Treatment
  • Sludge Pits Management
  • Groundwater/Borehole Bioremediation
  • Storage Tanks & Tank Cleaning
  • Drums, IBCs, Pipes, and Vessels
  • Oil/Water Separators