TankEater™: The Vanguard in Tank Bioremediation

Pioneering the realm of hydrocarbon sludge management, TankEater™ emerges as the definitive solution for storage tanks, vessels, and separator pits, bridging the gap between efficiency and eco-friendly practices.

What is TankEater™?

TankEater™ is a bioremediation marvel, meticulously crafted to combat hydrocarbon sludge in storage settings. But its prowess doesn’t end there – TankEater™ invigorates natural bacteria within the affected area, amplifying the sludge reduction process, and restoring crucial storage space for operators.

At its core, TankEater™ harnesses a combination of bacterial strains, each chosen for their efficacy in breaking down both Aromatic and Aliphatic hydrocarbons. By bolstering nature’s intrinsic degradation mechanisms, TankEater™ addresses the manifold hydrocarbon contaminants present in sludge.

Key Attributes of TankEater™

    • Optimal Sludge Reduction: Witness a staggering 70 to 90% drop in hydrocarbon sludge based on the sludge type.

    • Safe Residue: Post-process remnants are classified as non-hazardous, priming them for secure disposal.

    • Efficiency in Cleaning: Noticeable decrease in tank cleaning timelines and a marked avoidance in perilous off-site sludge movements.

    • Economically Prudent: A cost-effective approach to tank desludging assignments, culminating in tangible tank capacity enhancements.

    • Proven Superiority: When pitted against its rivals, TankEater™ stands tall, demanding less time and product to fulfill the sludge reduction trajectory.

    • Customizable Efficacy: The TankEater™ formulation is adaptable, designed to be tailored for diverse sludge varieties, ensuring rapid degradation within the tank.

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"HydroEater™ Stands as a benchmark in bioremediation"

“Skyhawk’s Hydroeater EVP stands as a benchmark in bioremediation. Its performance in award-winning projects like Meridian Water and Ailsa Wharf vouches for its unparalleled efficacy. It’s more than a product; it’s a revolution in remediation.”

– Dave, Turnkey Regeneration.

Applications for TankEater™

  • Oil Sludge Management: Perfect for storage tanks, drums, and IBCs.
  • Comprehensive Tank Cleaning: Streamlined cleaning process ensuring purity.
  • Pipes and Vessels: Addressing blockages and ensuring efficient flow.
  • API Oil-Water Differentiation: Precision separation in API oil-water separators.
  • Paraffin Removal: Effective methods to eliminate paraffin build-up and ensure smooth operations.
  • Oil and Water Separation: Advanced techniques to distinctly separate oil and water.

Why wait? Use TankEater™

Ready to transform your hydrocarbon sludge management? Discover the power of TankEater™ today and unlock remarkable sludge reduction, safe residue, and enhanced storage efficiency.