Leading Remediation Projects

Discover our esteemed track record of innovative bioremediation solutions and industry accolades, from London to Kuwait.

Baynesfield Piggery Wastewater Treatment Trial – September 2020

Introduction The Baynesfield piggery generates waste that undergoes processing to remove solids, some of which are composted for estate use. A significant portion of solids and pig effluent is irrigated onto pastures, posing bio-loading issues. The trial aimed to assess Biochem Animal Waste Treatment’s efficacy in reducing sludge and bio-loading.

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Washwood Heath’s HS2 Depot Project

Location & Overview The Washwood Heath site, located in the heart of Birmingham, is set to become the primary depot and control center for the High Speed Two (HS2) project. Spanning 34Ha of what was once an industrial hub, this development is expected to usher in 550 new employment opportunities.

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Meridian One at Willoughby Lane

In the heart of Enfield, North London, Cognition Land and Water celebrated a monumental victory at the 2019 Brownfield Briefing Awards, clinching the ‘Project of the Year’ for Meridian One at Willoughby Lane. This collaboration with Enfield Council was no small feat. The Meridian Water regeneration project, upon its completion,

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Sugarloaf Island in London

In 2018, Sugarloaf Island in London became the focal point of bioremediation trials spearheaded by John F Hunts for the developer Vastint. Following the triumph of the Meridian Water project, Skyhawk’s esteemed Hydroeater EVP was chosen for the trials at this site. However, a departure from the tried and tested

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KOC Expansion in Kuwait

In 2022, the expertise of Skyhawk Global was sought for trials connected to KOC’s expansive remediation project in Kuwait, drawing a parallel with other major products within the United Kingdom. Remarkably, among all the contenders in the trial phase, Skyhawk’s Hydroeater EVP emerged as the standout. It was the sole

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Country Gardens UK Development

Country Garden’s debut UK project, encompassing approximately 2.5ha, presented a unique challenge due to the limited space making full bioremediation unfeasible. To address this, innovative strategies were crafted, primarily employing rapid bioremediation using Skyhawk’s Hydroeater EVP. This was supplemented by soil stabilization in late 2020, aiming to significantly reduce hydrocarbon

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