The Baynesfield piggery generates waste that undergoes processing to remove solids, some of which are composted for estate use. A significant portion of solids and pig effluent is irrigated onto pastures, posing bio-loading issues. The trial aimed to assess Biochem Animal Waste Treatment’s efficacy in reducing sludge and bio-loading.

Trial Purpose

The trial aimed to gauge the effectiveness of Biochem Animal Waste Treatment in breaking down sludge in dams and reducing bio-loading on pastures.

Product Information

FogEater is a concentrated enzyme/bacterial blend formulated to digest various animal waste. The product’s pH range is 5 – 9.5, and it operates between 7 – 49°C.


Samples were taken at three points within the wastewater system to determine the impact of the treatment. A total of 1.5kg of the treatment was applied over four weeks to the final dam, followed by analyses of elements including COD, ammonia, nitrate/nitrite, and bacterial levels.

Results Summary

Numerous elements saw reductions:

Conclusion: The trial successfully demonstrated that FOGEater Treatment reduced sludge and improved water quality. Treating waste at its source earlier in the system is recommended for better results.