Country Garden’s debut UK project, encompassing approximately 2.5ha, presented a unique challenge due to the limited space making full bioremediation unfeasible. To address this, innovative strategies were crafted, primarily employing rapid bioremediation using Skyhawk’s Hydroeater EVP. This was supplemented by soil stabilization in late 2020, aiming to significantly reduce hydrocarbon leachate.

During the trial phase, various methods were tested: traditional bioremediation, traditional soil stabilization, and a groundbreaking remedial solution. Of these, the novel solution exhibited stellar performance, resulting in almost zero leachate production—a first-of-its-kind achievement. Notably, the other methods were unable to meet the stipulated remedial criteria.

In 2022, the entire remediation process was overseen and endorsed by the Environment Agency. This progressive approach didn’t just meet functional expectations but also garnered recognition. It was a contender for the esteemed ‘Best Application of Remediation Technologies’ at the Brownfield Briefing Awards 2022. As a cherry on top, this project qualified for R&D tax credits, highlighting its contribution to pushing the boundaries of remediation technologies.