In the heart of Enfield, North London, Cognition Land and Water celebrated a monumental victory at the 2019 Brownfield Briefing Awards, clinching the ‘Project of the Year’ for Meridian One at Willoughby Lane. This collaboration with Enfield Council was no small feat. The Meridian Water regeneration project, upon its completion, ambitiously aims to house 10,000 homes and bolster local employment.

Historical Backdrop and Its Trials

For a hundred years, this site thrived as a bustling gas works. The aftermath of this was a site mired in contamination – a cocktail of heavy metals, hydrocarbons, cyanide, and asbestos in soils. The presence of NAPL in shallow groundwater further complicated matters. The site’s urban milieu, flanked by homes, commercial zones, roads, and railways, magnified the complexity of the task at hand.

Innovative Remediation Strategies by Cognition

Cognition’s commitment to sustainable, budget-friendly solutions was evident in their strategic approach. They unveiled groundbreaking techniques for both groundwater and soil. A notable mention is the Hydroeater – a product also pivotal in Skyhawk’s remediation strategy at Meridian Water. Designed specifically to counteract heavy TPH and naphthalene contaminants in the soil, Hydroeater drastically hastened the decontamination timeline, keeping the project’s financials on track.

Furthermore, Cognition employed the NAPL Fabric Extraction System for groundwater remediation. This avant-garde method, more economical than its traditional counterparts, zeroed in on directly extracting NAPL without disturbing vast volumes of groundwater.

Hydroeater’s Role in Soil Remediation

Upon digging deep, areas around the gasworks infrastructure revealed heavily contaminated soil. Initial assessments hinted that this soil might be beyond redemption. However, Hydroeater’s introduction debunked this presumption. Harnessing their deep-rooted expertise in bioremediation, Cognition tested the Hydroeater. Its bacterial strains were tailored to decompose hydrocarbon-infested soil and trigger the native bacteria, further accentuating the bioremediation process. The outcome? An impressive degradation of contaminants, a visible enhancement in soil quality, and a dramatic drop in odors.

A Conclusive Triumph

The success stories from this project were myriad. A standout was the 99% naphthalene reduction. Such accomplishments accelerated the onset of the subsequent construction phases in the Meridian Water venture.

Given their innovative strategies, Cognition and Skyhawk’s Hydroeater remain exemplary in land remediation, epitomizing a sustainable, cost-effective pathway for future endeavours. Throughout the process, Enfield Council, recognizing the socio-economic value of this initiative, ensured that the local community remained in the loop through regular updates and community engagements.